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As the world readjusts to a new reality, Dynamic Funds continues to deliver the access you need to better serve your clients. We remain committed to bringing you truly active, innovative solutions and high conviction ideas. Get timely and relevant insights directly from our investment team through Dynamic LIVE Virtual PM Access.

Virtual PM Access
September 28 & 29


Brain Insights for Boosting Performance

Dr. Brynn Winegard

Winning Body Language for Re-Engaging Live!

Mark Bowden

It’s Time to Think Differently about Investing

Myles Zyblock

A Conversation on Renewable Energy and the Endless Opportunity

Jennifer Stevenson and Frank Latshaw

Life After T.I.N.A.

Roger Rouleau

Taking Advantage of Canadian Dividends

Rory Ronan, Don Simpson and Eric Mencke

A Deliberately Different Way to Invest in Global Equities

David Fingold

Process Behind the Power of Growth

Noah Blackstein

"Inflation is Transitory” the new “Subprime is Contained”?

Derek Amery and Romas Budd

Equity Income: A Ballast in Uncertain Times

Eric Benner and Bill McLeod

When Experience Counts: An Update on Emerging Markets & Asia

Ben Zhan and Danilo Martins
Dana Love and Kevin Kaminski (Q&A only)

The Tortoise and the Hare: Sustainable Growth

Vishal Patel

Your Equity Income Solutions

Oscar Belaiche and Tom Dicker

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