Your clients can get more from investing in Dynamic funds by opening a Dynamic Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). The investment income they'll earn will be tax-free and they'll also benefit from Dynamic's management expertise. A TFSA is an excellent way for your clients to achieve a variety of financial goals.

Benefits to your clients

Invest tax-free in a wide range of Dynamic funds

Make contributions up to an annual maximum of $6,000

Take out their money tax-free whenever they need it

Contribution room carries forward indefinitely

Withdrawn amounts can be put back in the following year


  • Investors new to the workforce
  • People saving for education
  • Income splitters
  • Future home-buyers
  • RRIF holders
  • Investors already holding interest-bearing investments in a non-registered account
  • Seniors and those concerned about clawbacks
  • Investors who have maxed–out their RRSP contributions

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Ask your Dynamic Funds sales representative for more information on alternative funds.