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Market Volatility

See how your reaction to market ups and downs can impact your long-term investment outcome.

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Volatility Resource Centre

Market volatility, with its ups and downs can wreak havoc on our portfolios and emotions. However, history has shown that in times of turmoil, sticking to a disciplined strategy can pay off. The Volatility Resource Centre will arm you with the perspective and strategies needed to sail through market turbulence.


Market Volatility Video

Stress test your comfort level with market volatility.

Volatility and investing in the stock market go hand in hand, but keeping a long-term perspective and a level head is usually the best approach to reaching your goals.

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Your financial advisor can recommend a diversified investment approach to help you achieve your long-term goals, and manage market volatility along the way.

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For illustrative purposes only. The illustration shows the hypothetical growth of $10,000 invested various ways between December 31, 1998 and December 31, 2020, using the S&P/TSX Composite TR Index to represent the stock market and a hypothetical 1.25% rate of return for cash. Comparison scenario assumes “stay invested” was chosen at each decision point. Assumes reinvestment of all income and no transaction costs or taxes. Indices are not managed and it is not possible to invest directly in an index. The illustration is hypothetical and does not reflect actual results or the future returns or future value of a mutual fund or any other investment. The information provided is not intended to be investment advice. Investors should consult their own professional advisor for specific investment advice tailored to their needs when planning to implement an investment and/or tax strategy to ensure that individual circumstances are considered properly and action is taken based on the latest available information.

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