We are not all the same


That’s the question being asked by a growing number of companies and organizations in Canada and around the world. The reason? You and other millennials born between 1980 and 2000 now account for about a third of North America’s total population – over 100 million people.

That’s a big market – three times the size of Canada’s population – and when you add in the rest of the world it becomes a huge market. Considerable time and effort are now being devoted to identifying the differences that set you apart from other millennials. The variations, the thinking goes, influence your behaviours, attitudes and values, impacting everything from what you want to wear today to what you want out of life.

These differences can be seen at home among Canadian millennials and around the world among global millennials. We’ll start with the global view and end with the Canadian one. It also includes a quiz to determine your unique millennial type. As you can see from the chart, there are material differences among millennials around the world when asked how they would prioritize their lives. The differences are evident across a number of other dimensions if you want to view them all.


What matters to Millennials


Canadian millennials are also remarkably varied as evidenced by the demographic portraits created by Abacas Data Practice. The company, which specializes in millennial marketing, identifies 14 character and personality traits that they believe best differentiate you from your millennial peers. Using these traits, they then perform cluster analysis to produce six unique Canadian millennial segments that share similar personalities, outlooks, and traits.