Government Services

Various levels of government may be able to help you through your disability.

Provincial Assistance

All the provinces and territories have established programs to assist the disabled. Every province and territory is different but some of the services provided are:

  • assisted living
  • transportation
  • child care
  • prescription drugs
  • finding employment
  • homecare

Here is a list of websites that should assist you in determining what provincial/territorial programs might be available for you.

Programs & Services

British Columbia
Accessing Community Support Services

Family Services and Consumer Affairs

New Brunswick
Directory of Services Offered to Persons with Disabilities

Newfoundland and Labrador
Disability Policy Office

Northwest Territories
NWT Action Plan for Persons with Disabilities

Nova Scotia
Services for Persons with Disabilities

Disability Programs

Provincial Government Programs and Services

Prince Edward Island
Support for People with Disabilities

Régie des rentes Quebec

People with Disabilities

Health and Social Services

Municipal Assistance

The type and extent of assistance provided for disabled persons at the municipal level will vary depending on your community. Direct assistance with services such as transportation may be available free or with a reduced cost arrangement. Food services in the home such as ‘Meals on Wheels’ are often provided at the community level at a reasonable cost. Other services such as yard maintenance, having your garbage taken to the curb, and snow removal, can also be very helpful in maintaining your lifestyle when disabled.

You should contact your local municipal government for information. Local service clubs such as the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, and Kinsmen, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion, are also very active in assisting the disabled in their communities.