Financial Checklist

A disability for you or a close family member such as a child will create new challenges for you and your family. Your lifestyle may be affected and you will want to ensure that challenges can be anticipated and dealt with as efficiently as possible. Your advisor can certainly help you in dealing with any financial pressures resulting from the disability and will also have further information about dealing with lifestyle challenges. When meeting with your advisor consider asking the following questions:

  • What are the government sources of financial support for those who are disabled?
  • Will my individual or group insurance cover me or a disabled child?
  • If I have to sell assets to raise money, how should I go about this?
  • What sort of services do the provincial or municipal governments provide to the disabled?
  • How will a disability affect my tax situation?
  • How should I plan for the welfare of my disabled child after I am gone?
  • How does a Registered Disability Savings Plan work?
  • How does my financial plan change if I become disabled?