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Regular cash payments with Systematic Withdrawals By Dynamic Funds

Our systematic investment withdrawal plan allows you to receive regular cash payments from your Dynamic funds. You can start the plan by completing an application, which is available from your dealer.

Plan Highlights
  • The value of your fund units must be more than $5,000 to start the plan
  • We automatically redeem the necessary number of units to make payments to you (minimum value $100)
  • You can choose to receive payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • We can change or cancel the plan at any time, and in addition, we may cancel your plan if your account does not meet the $500 minimum for 30 consecutive days

A deferred sales charge may apply to any units you bought through the deferred sales charge option. If you redeem your units within 90 days of buying them, you may also have to pay the short-term trading fee.

If you redeem units held in a RRIF, LRIF or LIF, any withdrawals in excess of the minimum prescribed amount for the year will be subject to withholding tax. RRSPs are not eligible for inclusion in this plan.

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