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Education Savings

Cutting costs of going to school

Parents who are packing their teenagers off to university or college usually are signing some big cheques. We all know how expensive tuition is, but there lots of other costs that also add up to take a chunk out of your education savings. Here are some handy tips on how college kids can keep their everyday expenses down and avoid coming to you too often with their hands out.


The University of Windsor estimates that required books can cost anywhere from $500 - $800 per semester. But, there are ways to get those books cheaper. Look on school bulletin boards and campus newspapers to see who's selling. Get a list of required texts as early as you can so you can try to order them online or through book discounters. Buy used books at the university bookstore or from a second or third year student. If you are in second year, go to the first class of the courses you took in your first year to offset the costs of your new required readings.


Parking passes at schools can be expensive. Try co-ordinating your schedule with friends so you can share the parking costs. If you use public transit, be sure to check and see if your university or college offers discounted passes. If the transit system offers transferable passes, see if you can share the cost with someone who has classes at different times than yours.


Many universities and colleges offer student discount cards that are valid at a number of retail stores, including restaurants, clothing stores and other shops. Be sure to pick up a discount card for your local area. For example, a Student Saver Card offered through the Canadian Federation of Students offers discounts in cities and towns right across the country. Visit www.studentsaver.ca to see the discounts available at your school's city.

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