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The value of trust

Dynamic Funds recognizes that our business rests on a foundation of trust. As investment managers, we continuously strive to uphold and go beyond the highest standards of professional integrity and conduct and consider it an integral part of our financial process.

Board of Governors

Dynamic Funds proudly stands among a select group of mutual fund companies that have sought to protect the interests of unitholders by creating and empowering independent advisory boards. By acting in an advisory capacity to the funds' investment managers, our Board of Governors enhances, protects and represents the long-term interests of our unitholders.

Codes of conduct

Dynamic Funds also adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct set out by the CFA Institute, an organization that establishes rigorous ethical standards for investment managers around the world.
In addition, we observe a set of internal rules at Dynamic Funds that was created in 1997. Our professional code includes a monitoring system to ensure that our employees understand and uphold the fiduciary relationship we have with our investors.